About Adonis Village Intranet

This website is a community communication site for Adonis Village property owners.

Adonis Village is an estate comprising of 71 privately owned properties located within the Aphrodite Hills area near Kouklia, Paphos.  The estate is managed by a management committee (Adonis Village Management Committee) elected by the owners.  Each member of the committee stands for election every two years at the Annual General meeting, which is held in June and performs services on a voluntary unpaid basis.

The Management committee is mandated to maintain the village common areas and shared facilities, and to maintain the external parts of the private properties in accordance with the General Agreement in the conditions of purchase.

This website is restricted to registered owners in Adonis Village and provides a means for property owners and the management committee to communicate and collaborate in the operation of the resort. New owners are invited to register by completing the registration form, new User account details will be provided within 48 hours.